My Vision

'To heal the world one beautiful soul at a time'


About My Life's Work

My name is Michelle and I am the founder of 'Born To Be You' Healing and Coaching.

I have come from a background of teaching, sales and marketing coaching and business development. I have successfully set up and managed two other businesses in my 20's and 30's before I finally found what lights me up inside and started living my dream! 

I am pleased to be sharing with you my true passion and soul's purpose doing the work I do right now!

My work aims to support and nurture you through a natural healing process for a life of freedom and true happiness. Empowering you to dig deep, show up for yourself, and connect to the beauty of who you were born to be!

Using various healing modalities including The Emotion Code and Reiki along with tailored 1:1 spiritual coaching, I can support you in transforming your life and free you from the shackles of fear and those past emotional experiences that are holding you back.

Together we can clear the emotional and mental clutter that weighs you down, bring clarity to your life, infuse you with confidence, change your mindset to build your self-esteem and give you the life that you deserve!

Staying stuck can be crippling and keeping you from a life you deserve and love.

Make a commitment to yourself, give yourself permission to dive deep and truly heal and know that you have a support standing alongside you and guiding you throughout the whole process.

The Healing Space

A safe sanctuary that envelops you in calm, peace and pure joy...

Once you are here, you will not want to leave!


Meditation Sanctuary

Join me in meditation from this sacred space and allow yourself to go on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation.


Healing Space

Here we work with Emotional Release Therapy, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Healing and Coaching, Energy Clearing and Empowerment.


Relaxing Surroundings

Relax in an environment that feels homely and warm. A lovely garden view and privacy guaranteed.

Work with Michelle...

Find out how I can transform your life so you can live a life you love!

Book a complimentary Skype/call to discuss your needs, wants and desires with me TODAY!