How to get through anxiety and overwhelm in 8 million blinks!


It’s easier said than done sometimes isn’t it, to ‘Pull yourself together’ or ‘Stop worrying about everything’!

Another golden nugget of advice I gleaned from someone once was ‘Things will get better!’ But what happens if things haven’t got better and when you last looked you were in your 20’s and now you’re creeping up to the big 4 0 or 5 0 or 6 0! (insert scary number here)

There is always a mountain of this great advice coming in from the people we have close to us because they want to keep our morale up. Our loved ones can’t cope with our pain and suffering, and especially mental health issues, because they find it difficult to know what to say. Instead they opt for one of these well-known phrases, their go-to, fail-proof, armoury of support that is GUARANTEED to have you dancing around like Dick Van-Dyke at a carnival in the ‘blink of an eye’….hmmm!

My carnival moment took two years….(with not a bell or straw boater in sight) That’s 8 million blinks of my eye, give or take a few sleepless nights.. (oh and the night I stayed awake binge watching ‘Strike Back’ with a bucket of popcorn.) Leaving my anxiety behind was not an overnight fix, and it certainly wasn’t down to pulling myself together (whatever that actually means) or keeping my chin uncomfortably lifted.

What I did need to do with my life was to take the time out to listen to myself. To sit in the quiet, turn off all the noise around me and listen more intently than I ever had throughout my life previously, and always, always when I felt emotionally vulnerable.

What I did need to do with my life was to take the time out to listen to myself. To sit in the quiet, turn off all the noise around me and listen more intently than I ever had throughout my life previously, and always, always when I felt emotionally vulnerable. I made a promise to give myself the space and the validation I so desperately needed, and that I would honour what I heard and uncovered. It soon became clear that what I needed to concentrate on was self-care, self-discovery and a shit load of emotional healing!

Here’s how I got through anxiety and overwhelm in 8 million blinks….


To give yourself the best chance of being successful with this from the start you need to have a few rules to abide by. Don’t worry these are not hard to follow, or restrictive, but I believe they are key to maintaining a good meditation practice.

Firstly you need to designate a time to sit regularly. I started by booking the time in for myself, this was non-negotiable… a bit like booking in a dentist appointment but minus the fear!

Second it’s important to find a space suitable for this practice. I started by meditating in my bedroom, it was quiet and peaceful. I now have a room fully dedicated to healing and meditation but this is not necessary in the beginning. As long as you have a comfy chair and no interruptions it will work out just fine.

Lastly, it’s important to choose music that you enjoy listening to. I find music that takes you on a journey is the best choice. You will find you gain favourites along the way. My favourite album which never fails to provide a safe haven for healing and a deep, strong connection is Requiem – Well of souls by Nigel shaw. You can try a 5 minute taster of his music here. 

Emotional Healing

This is absolutely critical in moving from feeling stuck and out of control to happiness, health and freedom!

I was introduced to The Emotion Code, which was founded by the great Dr Bradley Nelson and I never looked back. This healing modality is great for everyone. It is so simple and easy to understand and undeniably, in my opinion, the single most important method ever devised to locate and release our emotional baggage and traumatic issues from our past.

It completely changed my life and altered the way I viewed the world forever. It has been dubbed the greatest discovery in the history of energy medicine! Now that’s something hey! I knew I had to learn as much as I could about this work and after training under Dr Brad myself, I am now a certified practitioner using this knowledge and beautiful healing power with my own clients daily.

Whatever modality you choose, ensure you are getting to the root cause of any of your emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues. It is absolutely crucial that your focus be on releasing what no longer serves you and that which is not contributing to your greater good. This work can help to bring out your authentic self, to raise your vibration and to address issues that you have carried around for years, weighing you down. Let it all go today! This work is truly transformational…

Journal Writing/Creative Expression

This, for me, feels like a form of therapy and can be extremely beneficial especially if you have a natural creative flair. The form of expression I chose was hugely beneficial and actually became a staple of every day life for me. The way I have always expressed myself in the best way is through the written word. So it made sense for me to choose Journalling.

Again, it was important for me to set the scene for my journal time. I set aside time to write and prepared my space with scented candles, soothing music, a beautiful ink pen, and a journal that I felt drawn to buy in a new age shop I happened across in North Yorkshire.

It’s important to just enjoy the process. I initially worried about my neatness and thought too much about what I wanted to write. Unfortunately I allowed my perfectionism to creep in. This is why I advise you to be relaxed and kind to yourself if these feelings crop up for you. Remember this is a creative exercise and is not intended to be perfect. Just focus on putting pen to paper and writing from your heart. You will be surprised at what, and how much you achieve.

I found this a very cathartic experience and always found my entries to be insightful and more fluid upon reading them again. I love the way the entries tended to go full circle and always had a little message or golden nugget of truth embedded in the words. It has been a beautiful journey of self-discovery, inner peace and self-love that I will continue to cherish and nurture, always.

Again there are so many forms of creative expression and you will be guided to whatever fits for you. Whether that is painting, drawing, song writing or dancing know that you will benefit greatly from listening to your heart and the beautiful gifts it holds especially and uniquely for you.

I’m not going to promise you a life of dancing around with bells on, but what I can tell you is that this worked for me, unbelievably so. I transformed my own life and now I work with ladies all over the world doing the same for them. It really is life changing stuff! So, if you’re committed to wanting change and freedom from emotional baggage, stress, or anxiety then this CAN work for you too! All you have to do is take the plunge and say YES to you! Live true to who you were born to be, authentically you.

Much love and blessings,

M x



Michelle is a certified Energy Clearing & Emotion Code Practitioner,  and Transformational Healing Coach. She is the Founder and Owner of Born To Be You Healing & Coaching. You can access her exclusive, ladies only support group for women who are about to embark on their own personal healing journey and request an invitation to join her group here! Michelle can also be found on Instagram and would love you to connect with her.

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You will be surprised at what we can unearth and release going right back to your childhood and beyond, (and ancestors also) to leave you feeling lighter and more content with yourself and your life.

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